the predominant 18+ asian-american nightlife promotions company in nyc


Originally from the nightlife scene in Los Angeles, ATP arrived in New York City in 2010, bringing the same energy and fire to the east coast. ATP separates itself from the rest of the competition by revolutionizing entertainment as a hospitable, personal, and sexy experience. ATP offers the best selection of music, company, service, and experience.

The success of ATP stems from the team members who take great pride in their work to be forward-thinking, fun-loving, NYC socialites and trendsetters. Our driven young entrepreneurs are coupled with seasoned veterans with over 20 years of nightlife experience. ATP understands the logistics in producing great entertainment with crowd-gathering talent.

ATP believes that a happy home is a productive home. ATP is a family and we are always looking for new family members. Don't be afraid to contact us at We are always hiring.